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About Abb Takk:
Abb Takk is a Pakistani news channel launched on 19th April 2013, It aims to provide the viewers news updates, local and international news headlines sports news and much more.

Abb takk news is owned by Apna Network, or more specifically by Chaudry Armaghan Subhani.
The channels runs under tagline/slogan;

Ab tak ki har khabar

Top Programs
Current top program being aired by TV channel are;

      Sur Sangeet
      Tonight With Fereeha
      Ab Sab Dekhain Ge
      News Cafe

Today’s Schedule/Program guide:

S# Programs      Day Time
1 NBC On Air Mon to Fri 10:03 PM
2 Tonight With Jasmeen Mon to Thu 8:03 PM
3 D-Chowk Fri to Sun 8:03 PM
S# Programs Day Time
1 News Café Mon to Sat 9:03 AM
2 Rupiya Paisa Mon to Fri 1:03 PM
3 Khel Kood Mon to Sat 4:30 PM
4 Jhat Pat Mon to Sat 5:03 PM
S# Programs Day Time
1 Khufia Wednesday 11:03 PM
2 Kaho Abb Takk Thursday 11:03 PM
3 Ab Sab Dekhain Ge Friday 11:03 PM
4 Hazraaaaat Saturday 10:03 PM
5 Clean Chit Saturday 11:03 PM

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