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About Samaa Tv:

Samaa Tv is another addition to Pakistani News channels. It is a top tier Pakistani Urdu language news television network. The word ‘Samaa’ is Arabic for ‘sky’ or ‘heaven’. Samaa television is the first satellite tv channel in Pakistan which provides live transmission from five major cities including Lahore, Karachi, Quetta, Islamabad and Peshawar simultaneously.

Samaa Tv provides comprehensive coverage of Pakistani breaking news stories and analysis along with reporting on current affairs, business, sports, entertainment, and around-the-world stories. The main hallmark of Samaa Tv is the claim that it resists sensationalism in news presentation to the public and focuses on presenting news based on facts.


Samaa Tv is owned and controlled by Jaag Broadcasting Systems (Pvt.) Limited, Pakistan.


The channel runs under the slogan;

Sansani nhi sirf Khabar

Popular programs:

Samaa Tv airs a lot of informational programs but mostly viewed programs include.

  • Nadeem Malik Live with host Nadeem Malik
  • News beat wlith paras jahanzaeb
  • Zer-e-Behas by Arif Nizami,
  • News Hour by Usama Ghazi,
  • Naya Din with hosts Kiran Aftab and Muhammad Shueb
  • Hum Log
  • Sawal with Amber Shamsi
  • News Beat with Barrister Ehteshamuddin
  • 7 se 8
  • Sports Action.

Program Schedule

7 Se 8

She focuses on the stories of the day, whether they are political or social. She specializes in taking up topics extremely relevant to young people in Pakistan, such as harassment and social justice.

Mon to Thurs | 7pm to 8pm

Agenda 360

Haider Waheed and Moiz Jaferii bring their legal expertise to explain complex news developments

Fri to Sat | 7pm to 8pm

Awam ki Awaz

Farah Yousuf spares no one in her investigations into the crooked and dishonest

Sunday | 7pm to 8pm


Someone needs to hold the people in power accountable for their decision-making…

Mon to Thurs | 10pm to 11pm

Court No 5

How do laws apply in Pakistan and what can you expect if you go into court…

Sunday | 11pm to 12am

Crime Scene

In one of SAMAA TV longest running shows, Beena Khan delves into the dark underbelly of society to ask why we commit crimes

Mon to Fri | 5:30pm to 6pm


Emergency is a true depiction of real life happenings presented in a dramatized form.

Saturday | 11pm to 12am

Fankar Family Eid Special

Nadeem Malik Live

Nadeem Malik is a senior journalist who hosts the show Nadeem Malik Live on SAMAA TV, Monday to Thursday between 8pm and 9pm.

Mon to Thurs | 8pm to 9pm

Naya Din

Naya Din is a morning show in which current affairs, social trendings, talents & much more things to be discussed.

Mon to Fri | 9am to 11am

News Beat

Paras Jahanzaib spares no one in power as she questions their decisions and demands answers

Fri to Sun | 10pm to 11pm

Qutb Online

Qutb Online goes in search of answers to our most pressing questions on matters of faith

Mon to Fri | 11am to 12pm

Sawal with Ehtesham Amir-ud-Din

Ehtesham Amir-ud-Din asks the questions that are on your mind. He reaches into the corridors of power in Pakistan to hold accountable the people who are making decisions that affect your lives.

Fri to Sun | 8pm to 9pm

Sports Action

Shoaib Jatt brings his analysis to the big game but we also cover all the news from the sporting world

Sunday | 5pm to 6pm


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  • rose 10 years ago

    How Imran Khan or any sensible group of ppl around him Being True Pakistani think of diverting/dividing nation on our day. August 14 when atleast we can c people celebrate being Pakistani keeping aside all differences. Cant we have some policy making rather than elections and protests all the time. India is over with elections and now focus on development and strategies to strengthen their country. Cant All (so called party leaders) act sensibly and act as leaders to bring harmony, tolerance in Pakistan culture but also to play more constructive role as Muslim nation

    • rehan 10 years ago

      No one is dividing the nation here, secondly, this is not a protest rather it is an uprising against this ANTI-PAKISTAN GOVERNMENT..PROOF??
      *** PML (N) Nominated Najam Sethi as interim Governer, Re-instated him 7-8 times as PCB Chairman
      Betrayal soul of najam sethi can be seen via his views about history of pakistan, pakistan army, iqbal, two-nation theory, isi & raw comparison done by him…watch Youtube for reference
      *** PML (N) gave their souls for GEO Network, while, GEO NETWORK has simply acted as Indian Agent, blaming the intelligence cheif of Pakistan
      *** For the first time in the history of Pakistan, we are seeing indian commercials on PTV, Moreover, Indian army movie “HOLIDAY” starring ashky kumr (whatever his filthy name is) in our cinema houses…
      the list goes on and on and on

    • ahmad 10 years ago


  • M. Ashmal Beg 10 years ago

    Pl mind your National language – URDU – Write Correctly. It has rules and regulations I mean it has grammar.that has to be kept in min when writing something to express your mind.URDU Language is a perfect language it is not just a group of sounds spoken by some animal it is a language of human beings. so be careful in writing especially when you are writing news and broad casting it on your news channel. Be a good citizen of PAKISTAN and edit your spellings before passing it to news room to broadcast.

  • Mirza Nadeem 10 years ago

    good stream

  • syed Naseer ul Hassan 10 years ago

    Say to nawaz go bs go

  • Nouman Ejaz 10 years ago

    thora problem hy neeche wali pati nahe nazar ati……

  • Rafay 10 years ago

    MQM Leader Altaf Hussain is last hope of Pakistan.

  • babar 10 years ago

    hamary ha samaa ke avaz band kar de jate ha ma lahore k elaqa shadbag se ho

  • kaleemt 10 years ago

    Go Nawaz Go

  • jawaidiqbal 10 years ago

    I like this.

  • Javed 10 years ago

    ab to sabit ho gya ke election me jhurloo phira ha

  • sohail 10 years ago

    I like news

  • Anjum 10 years ago

    مولانا ھوش کے ناخن لیں۔ یہ چند ھزار لوگوں کا دھرنا نہیں ھے ۔
    ووٹوں کے اعتبار سے یہ ملک کی د وسری بڑی جماعت ھے ۔

  • mahtab 10 years ago

    nawaz jhota

  • mhd xizar 10 years ago

    mqm leader is altaf hussain is last hope of pakistan

  • shabbir ali 10 years ago

    in need samaa tv skype & whats app number

  • shabbir ali 10 years ago

    i need imran khan facebook addres plez help

  • sajjad hussain 10 years ago

    samaa good channel

  • Hussain Shah 10 years ago

    I watch sama tv regularly. I like all its programmes Talk shows very much…………
    plz keep on………..

  • s ali shah 10 years ago

    nadeem malik sahib kuck to raham karo media par koi aur nahi mila aap ko mahmood khan chikzai kay alawa siyasat dan jisay talk show main bolatay.iss ko bath karnay ki tamiz hi nahi.

  • innayat ullah 10 years ago

    nadeem malik sahib ap ny mehmood kahan achakzai sy jis tarah k sawalat kye bilkul aap ny teak kiya.
    but sir aap ko is sy b difficult questions karny chahye ty.thank u nadeem malik sahib

  • usmanbaig 10 years ago

    samma was good

  • sana 10 years ago

    nechli newss wali pati nae nazar arhe

  • shabbir ali 10 years ago

    nice shak rasheed i loe it